• We are a small, family-run business based out of Ontario, Canada. We take great pride in the design of this birthing stool which was conceived with the combined expertise of a midwife and a furniture maker.

    This stool is designed to be an easily transported element of the midwife's tool kit. It is sturdy, made of solid maple with metal attachments, which allow it to withstand the rigours of use without cross-piece supports which hinder access for the birth team.

    This stool comes with either 10 or 12 inch legs, or a set of each. The lower legs offer a deeper squat, the longer legs allow greater access. Legs are custom fitted to each stool so if both sizes are desired, they must be ordered together (ie. another set of legs cannot be properly fitted to your stool at a later date).

    It is highly washable though not intended for water births.

    Why Use a Birthing Stool?

    Birthing stools have been used for hundreds of years to help ease the labouring mother into an optimal birthing postion, opening the pelvis and using gravity to help in the downward movement of the baby.

    Using a birthing stool also creates an ideal position for a partner to support the mother from behind or apply pressure to the lower back to relieve labour pain.